"MACONNALISED DISCOUNTS" FLEA MARKET A space dedicated to chips at the heart of the SMCA Whether you are a lover of vintage products, modern arts, antiques or flea markets, you have since June 2015, in the heart of the SMCA, a space to hunt, exchange, and enjoy yourself. Our "Remises Mâconnaises", these old garages rehabilitated and repainted in bright colors,welcome professionals and individuals from the world of antiquity and flea markets all year round. Discover our Discounts... Every day, new things will surprise you... New arrivals at the "Discounts" join us every year; come and discover them! Rachel joins us, she works at the heart, hence the mixture of several styles finally very complementary.Scandinavian countryside, from the late nineteenth century to the 1980s, she assumes that if we mix the styles and eras present in her decoration, we will never tire of it. Objects from the past have a story to tell. The story of our elders. Because you can't know where you're going if you don't know where you're going from.rilôôtte wants to be a "storyteller"    We welcome Valentine and her aide-de-camp Dominique, her mother. A collaboration that has lasted for fifteen years for the pleasure of all of us. They present us his "Campaign Broc" Sweet Valentine and Co His creations, objects transformed with taste and subtlety will undoubtedly please you. Come thediscover at the Discounts. Georges arrives at the beginning of the year with his furniture and objects of style. Napoleon III and other styles,,, have no secrets for him. The charm of yesteryear is at the rendezvous... Marie Laure joins us to present her restored furniture, objects of curiosity and carefully selected trinkets. Danielle, share with us her true love for the "oldthings, charming antiques ", passionate about the unusual, vintage and staging to decorate your interior. Maeva, a woman joins us this year. She shares with us her passion for antique objects that she chines in her lost moments and thus shows us that the future of antiquities is not compromised. Jean-Pierre presents his collection ofshooting corks that have crossed time and other objects of curiosity gleaned over the years. AMBER NOMAD Pop Up! A sample of decorative objects "Made In Elsewhere". Come and discover the Bohemian Chic Craftsmanship, Timeless.... Catherine and Alain, offer you unusual objects, original and unique creations,,,, At Ben's, it will be more industrial furniturepascal, he offers you pieces hewed from here, from there... Trinkets, furniture, paintings... and many other objects! Marcel, will offer you furniture bars, restaurants....All,,, decorated with zinc. As for the SMCA, you will discover a wide choice of ancient garden and interior architecture, (statues, fountains, portals, vases, fireplaces, woodwork,parquet floors...) the origin OF THE MACONNALISED DISCOUNTS The idea of the discounts came from a simple observation: the closure of all the antique dealers of the region one after the other, the volume of business being insufficient to hold a shop in the long term. With its many years of experience, the SMCA wanted to federate and create synergy in this profession where everyone offersdifferent products, without real competition. Thus was born the idea of creating "Masonry discounts", small boxes with limited loads, affordable exhibition spaces for professionals and individuals. “By coming together, we can succeed” - The spirit of the Masonry and the SMCA