The "Remises Mâconnaises" : a new space at SMCA

Whether you're a vintage products enthusiast, an amateur of antiauities or modern art  or you just like to walk around in flea markets, you'll be glad to discover our new space in the heart of SMCA, that opened in June 2015. Our "remises mâconnaises", are old garages restored and painted in a variety of bright colors, we welcome antique professionals from around the world all year long. We also offer exhibition space to private individuals seeking to sell their own items.

The birth of the "Remises Mâconnaises"

The idea of the "remises" was inspired by a simple observation: the closure of all the antiquities shops in the region, one after the other, sales were going down and shops were unable to survive over the long run. Thanks to numerous years of experience, SMCA decided to find a way to save a profession in which everyone offers different products, with no real competition. That's how we came up with the idea  to create the "remises mâconnaises": a few affordable spaces, each the size of a garage, dedicated to professionals.

"If we are together, we can do it" - The spirit of the "remises mâconnaises" and SMCA

Every month, we offer a free space for private individuals

Are you looking for a place to sell your antiquities and old furniture? Or maybe just to free up some space in your house/garage or storage area? In addition to the colorful garages, the "remises", reserved for professionals during the year, an event dedicated to anyone is organized on the first Saturday of every month. Anyone looking to sell their items will be given a free space during this day. Do not hesitate to contact us at +33 (0) !