For 30 years the SMCA team, including Béatrice PINLET, Christophe BEAUDET and their children, has developped this company brick by brick.


Each in their respective fields, do not hesitate to call on their skills and expertise.

Christophe BEAUDET

For technical advice on dismantling and restoration, make use of his expert knoxledge and skills!

Béatrice PINLET

An expert in fireplaces of the XVIIIth and XIXth century registered in the Experts and specialists Guide Editions Armand ISRAEL

For any  insight on your fireplaces and old materials, please contact us!

Our clients are always happy to send us photos of their creations made by materials from SMCA. Our expertise consists in giving you advice on how to create the impression that those old materials have always been there.

We thank our clients for their trust and loyalty.


Here are a few photos of architectural elements from SMCA taken by our clients: