For 35 years, the SMCA team through Beatrice and Christophe BEAUDET and their children, has developed this establishment stone by stone. Everyone in their field, do not hesitate to call on their skills.                                                              Christophe BEAUDET For all technical advice on dismantling and restoration, call on his skills as a field man! Beatrice BEAUDET Expert in antique fireplaces XVIII and XIX century registered in the Guide of experts and specialists Editions "Armand ISRAEL" For any expertise of your fireplaces and materialsour customers are always happy to send us photos of their creations made from materials sourced from the CMCA. Our know-how is to give the impression that these ancient materials have always been there. We thank all our valued customers for their trust and loyalty. Here is an example of architecture elementsfrom the SMCA that our clients have put into context: We remain faithful to our beginnings by offering you every day fireplaces in style, stone, marble, wood.... from all sources   Our beautiful French Garden reveals the architecture and statues of the most elegant gardens in the world.europe...              You will also find old materials that will find their place in your home, for all your restorations of prestigious houses... style... but above all... YOUR STYLE    SMCA is also and always the antique furniture of all eras and styles.